Our goal at JRA Bookkeeping is to provide NDIS participants with a fast and reliable payment service. We aim to do more than just pay your invoices, though. We will support you in achieving your goals, by providing education so that you can become financially independent. We know that you want to make the most of your NDIS funding and we will always ensure that we support you on that journey. 

Living with a disability can be challenging at times. JRA Bookkeeping is here to support you and your life goals. We have hands-on experience as we too have children that have disabilities and NDIS funding. This means that we see the challenges faced by both sides of the coin and we actually want to make this easier for all participants. 

Think of your NDIS Plan like you are running a business. Except that you are not, are you? This is life! So let JRA Bookkeeping take care of the 'business' side of your Plan and you take care of your life. 


JRA Bookkeeping provides you with personalised services:-

  • payments are processed with speed and efficiency

  • monthly reports are provided to show you how much funding you have used and what you have left

  • we monitor your budget 

  • we can provide support and education in becoming independent with your finances

  • we can support you in looking after any staff you have employed

We also offer access to our software so that you can keep an eye on your budget any time you like. You can also access the mobile app in order to approve or decline invoices. 

You might be wondering what makes JRA the best choice for Plan Management? We play more than a numbers game here. We care about our clients and we care about your life. We want to help make your life easier. 

There are 4 different ways to manage your NDIS funding:-

Self Manage - you manage your plan and are responsible for uploading invoices into the NDIS portal and receiving payment. You are also responsible for tracking the budget.

For more information, click here

Agency Manage - the NDIA is responsible for managing your plan and attending to payments. 

For more information, click here

Plan Manage - a plan manager has a financial (and sometimes disability) background. They can be a BAS Agent or Accountant. A plan manager is responsible for paying invoices approved by you, monitoring your budget and supporting your financial independence. 

For more information, click here


Combination - you can choose to have some parts of your plan managed yourself, some Agency managed and some plan managed. The beauty is - you get to choose!  

You can also choose to change and/or mix and match any of these options, at any time. Remember, NDIS is about supporting choice, so you can live your best life. 


What are the benefits of being plan managed?

  • You have choice and control over providers

  • You can use NDIS registered and non-NDIS registered providers

  • Your Plan Manager can try to negotiate better pricing on your behalf

  • Your Plan Manager is responsible for the budget, which takes that worry away from you

  • Your Plan Manager has a financial background, which means they understand how to budget your funding


How much Plan Management funding will I receive?

The first thing you need to know is that plan management funding is in addition to any other funding received. Therefore, you do not have to worry about dipping into your support funds in order to have a plan manager. 


You will generally receive a total of $1,454.89 (non-remote area).


The breakdown of this is:-


  • $227.53 set up fee 

  • $102.28 per month for the duration of the plan (12 months) 

You may also want to engage your Plan Manager to support you in building the skills to undertake the tasks associated with the management of your own plan. This is currently funded at $60.16 per hour (non-remote area). 

[Prices current at as of 1 October 2019]

Do I receive plan management funding in every plan? 

Yes, if you request it. Remember - it is your choice!

Can I change Plan Manager?

Yes. You can change plan manager at any time. Always ensure you read your service agreement to check how much notice you are required to provide. 

Do I have to fill out and sign your forms?

Yes. We know that filling out even more forms is an annoyance to you, but unfortunately, it has to happen. 

You will be provided with a welcome pack and the relevant forms at the start of your journey with JRA. 

Documents must be read and signed prior to any work commencing. 


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