Payroll and human resources have evolved an incredible amount over the years. Gone are the days of employees staying in the one job or career for most of their lives. Employment is a huge minefield and it is crucial to ensure that you get it right. Every time you think you are on top of things, they change again. That's okay, that is what we are for. JRA Bookkeeping is willing and able to pick up the slack and take the stress on your behalf.  

JRA Bookkeeping can look after your employees from beginning to end. We can support you in recruiting fantastic staff, creating a solid onboarding process and supporting you in ensuring you are paying your staff correctly. 

As an employer, you already know that looking after your employees is the fastest way to success. JRA Bookkeeping can help free up your time by completing end-to-end payroll for you. 

Consider the following:-

  • Do you know if you are paying your staff correctly?

  • Do you have employment agreements in place?

  • Are you paying superannuation on time? 

  • Have you implemented Single Touch Payroll (STP)?

  • Are you providing your employees with Payslips with the correct information? 


Single Touch Payroll

It has been legislated by the Australian Government that every single employer must lodge every payroll event though the Single Touch Payroll system from 1 July 2019.

JRA Bookkeeping is an expert in this new system. We can walk you through set-up, help you find the right accounting program or take care of payroll for you. 


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